Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Korean New Year! I'm sure that everyone is busy celebrating the lunar new year back in the states. The whole city of Seoul has shut down for this holiday, so there's only 5 million people here instead of 10. I can't really tell the difference though.

I start teaching the little Korean bastards on Tuesday and I'm excited. I taught a little on Thursday after the precieding teacher was stabbed with a pencil in the hand and had to leave the room. That makes the Korean kids sound terrible, but really it was the other way around-- the teacher that I'm replacing was less than admirable in his teaching ability. The only reason I feel I can say that is I taught in the states and no one stabbed me; I was too quick.

My friend, Wendy has been showing me around this megatropolis and really, I've been having a blast. I heard there's four stages of culture shock, one being infatuation. Well, I'm definately there. Right now I'm in the passionate throughs (good name for a band: the passionate throughs) of a love affair with Seoul. I'm sure it'll wear off, but I'll enjoy the ride right now. I wrote that McDonalds and I might be seeing lots of each other and I'm going to correct that statement. I food here is great, and though I always make a specticle of myself at every restaurant I go to, (I'm getting every good at pointing at what other people have ordered and demanding the same thing) the food has always been delicious, although I saw a squid burger at a fast food joint the other day. I'm not yet culturally enamored enough to order that.

Wendy and I went the electronics mart the other day. To call this place a mart is a bit of an understatement. It consists of 12 department-store sized building that only sell electronics. She went camera shopping and me, being the follower that I am, had to buy a camera as well. If ya didn't know I lost my old camera (it wa exactly six moths old) in St. George when I was visiting the parents. That's why there hasn't been any pics of K yet. Once I figure out this new camera, there'll be lots to post.


Kendra said...

the way you referred to your students reminds me of a line from Something about Mary: "Those goofy bastards changed my life."

Gina said...

Is that really a healthy attitude toward your students, Mr. Price? Hey, you should think about getting that camera engraved with your name, address and phone number. A wrist strap or a fanny pack for that camera might even be a good idea. And, keep all limbs in clear view and at the ready during class time!

karmaking1111 said...

I'll admit, I modified that line from Something About Mary, probably the greatest line in all of movie making. But don't worry, I called the kids in the states little bastards as well. I just call it like I see it.

karmaking1111 said...

Gina, would you be so kind as to send me your e-mail address?