Sunday, July 31, 2005

Frisbee golf interupted by philosophical debate.  Posted by Picasa

The bow of the trust ship, Christine.  Posted by Picasa

Mountain Men Posted by Picasa

Okay, so they have to tell people not to eat mushroons. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful vista, sunny day and a bug bit me right when the picture was shot (this is not my attempt to smile).  Posted by Picasa

Camping (especially when raining) is thrilling.  Posted by Picasa

Slightly content with my futuristic, perpetual motion dinner.  Posted by Picasa

The Great White Clint comes up for a bite.  Posted by Picasa

Passing of the storm. Posted by Picasa

Clint explodes and Jeff finds inspiration Posted by Picasa

Drunken stairway to heaven. Posted by Picasa

The calm after the storm. Posted by Picasa

Grey Posted by Picasa

What a coincidence, a rainstorm. Posted by Picasa

Potrait of an axe murderer. Posted by Picasa

Only you can prevent forest fires. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

WY rainstorm. Posted by Picasa

A nerd's paradise. Posted by Picasa

Do you see a resemblence?  Posted by Picasa

I call this one wanker and rock. Posted by Picasa

Pretty Posted by Picasa

Mom's a kick ass mountain bike rider. Posted by Picasa

Dad in his element. Posted by Picasa

Psychadelic ghost in the woods. Posted by Picasa

Yeah, I guess WY is kind of pretty. Posted by Picasa