Monday, August 25, 2014

Bye to the Badger

 Well, this sucks. There's no other way to put it. Our other cat that we brought back from Korea was hit by a car. We went camping and when we came back I noticed that Badger wasn't around. I walked around the neighborhood hoping that I'd see her bounding through the weeds behind our house, running to me at the sound of my voice, but as hours passed, I this feeling of emptiness got bigger. It's the kind of emptiness where you start to realize that nothing good is going to come of the situation. The emptiness that is the only thing preferable to the panic and desperation that tries to take over.

The next morning, after dropping Walter off at work, I decided to drive for a bit and look around. I put on my signal to turn left but it shut off. That's nothing big; turning signals just click off at times, but this time I took it as a sign and turned right. That's what eventually lead me to her body.

When Nallie got hit, we were devastated. I told myself, at least this won't happen to Badger. Badger was our fat dorky cat that liked to stick more to the house. She was the one that was going to be with us awhile.

I never understood why anyone would want to clone an animal before. Now I get it. There won't be another Badger. She'd lay down and let you give her a vigorous tummy rubbing. Gavin would lay on her without a complaint from the cat. She'd jump on my stomach while I lay in bed, often scaring the crap out of me, begging for some pets.

It's hard not to be bitter, but it's not enough to say "these things happen" either. We just have to be happy for the time we had with our Korean cats and remember them the best we can. The most honest thing to say about the situation is they are missed.

And Now Back to Color

In the previous post, I talked about how I was taking more black and white pics. That doesn't mean that I don't secretly want to be an HDR master. Here's probably my best HDR to date.

Black and White in Color Country

I was all excited to relocate to southern Utah, partially because of the desert and red rock scenery. It makes for some pretty photos, but here I am posting black and white. Some times the stark contrast of black versus white adds for more drama, the photo comes out as I see it in my mind's eye.