Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I went a bit heavy with the nature pics on this posting. Different species of trees are taking their turns showing off right now. At this time it's the maples that seem to be exploding into different colors, next the aspens will rain gold and then the trees I can't identify will do some cool things too. Hey, I don't know the name of every tree out there (although I should find out).

I hiked Mount Olympus yesterday to get many of the pics. At first I thought it was lame how Salt Lake had named one of their peaks after the famed mount of the gods in Greece, however I found it fiting as I swore and prayed to the gods on every inch of the last half of that climb. I think I'm a pretty fit guy, mountain biking, swimming, ocassional yoga and disc golf but my legs feel like Evander Holyfield has been using them for practice. The thing about the hike is up is tough, as it should be, but down isn't much easier. It's a knee pounding, ankle rolling experience in trying to keep one's legs steady so one doesn't let one's momentum topple one forward down the trail. Did that make sense to anyone?

Anywhoo- I'm sure there will be more fall pics to come. Clint made the most kick-ass two minute movie in the world. I'm in it by the way. It's a frisbee golf extraviganza set to the Monday Night Football theme music. I think any Monday Night Football player, let alone Al Micheals, would be proud of what's been done with the intro music. The link is http://www.archive.org/details/DiscGolftheWilhelmWay Enjoy and bask in the glory that is Disc Golf the Wilhelm Way!

The apricot tree (where's the popcorn?). Posted by Picasa

Contrast Posted by Picasa

Backside of the SLC. Posted by Picasa

My reward (the moutaintop, not myself.) Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Now it's six in the morning and I can't sleep. We're defrosting the downstairs freezer and a slab of ice fell into the metal bin in the bottom of the appliance. That tends to wake a person up.
I kind of cheated on the last batch of photos I just blogged... they're from Jeff's camera. I know it was a dirty thing to do, it's just that the photos looked so good and I was in so many of them. Check out Jeff's blog if you want to see more photos and such. I know there's a way to add him to a fancy friend list or something like that but for right now I'll just tell you his blog is www.melongrab.blogspot.com
The great thing is that I've already received replies on my photos. Many people have insightful comments to leave. I especially like the comments on how to make money from home or how to lower my colesterol. I'm not a vicious or angry person by heart but if I catch one of these mass commenting blogger fiends I will, well, I'll get back to you when I think of the nastiest thing I think of to do to someone. Any suggestions?
On the upside I got a comment from starbender who has a really cool site. I suggest you check it out and no, it doesn't lead you to a place that tells you how to make money by selling genital wart cream from home or anything like that. Check out http://wackocrazy.blogspot.com

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Boonis and the Beatles. Posted by Picasa

The JC himself. Posted by Picasa

Life shouldn't be this much fun. Posted by Picasa

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This Buddha is not up to Clint's expectations. Posted by Picasa

Pondering the existance of life. Posted by Picasa

Clint, lord of the underworld! Posted by Picasa

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The SLC. Posted by Picasa

Color abounds. Posted by Picasa

Disc Golf poster child- Jeffery Clark! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Howdy ya'all,
It's two thirty in the morning and I can't sleep. Usually I can sleep anywhere for any duration that I choose but I have too much random crap and ideas floating through my head to allow me to the peace needed to nod off.
Looking at the pics you can see that disc golf has resurfaced as a major theme in my life. We could call it a full-fledged addiction and I can admit that. There are worse addictions now days. I've had to refrain from calling disc golf Frisbee golf as my roommate Clint has warned me that Frisbee is a registered trademark of Whamo! and I would hate to get those Whamo! people upset.
Funny thing, given two mintues of this and I'm tired. Hopefully I'll be able to write more on the next attempt.

reclaimed pyramid Posted by Picasa

Fall's a coming.  Posted by Picasa

Sticking your head out the window is great until... Posted by Picasa

Being hit in the back of the head by bug going forty MPH. Posted by Picasa