Monday, May 16, 2016

Yucca Shot

Yuccas a another type of plant that are notoriously difficult to get a good shot of. I usually get a picture of an over-exposed flower stalk sticking right out of the ground. I think this shot came out just a bit better than my usual attempts. 

Yucca Flowers

The Muscle and the Brains Make Their Getaway

Gavin and Theo Take a Ride

Rocks and Snow

Rocks and Snow
Even during the winter, you got to get out a little bit. When cabin fever became too much for me and spit me out of the house, I ended up in Kolob Canyon and took this shot. I'd say it was worth it to get out.


Brothers Reach

Here's Gavin and Theo looking sweet and adorable around Christmas time.

The Brothers Shampoo Horns