Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dearest Blog:

I am sorry for being so inattentive as of late. I may seem preoccupied as I sit down at the computer and ignore your subtle calls to update you. I know, I know; there is so much to write, so much to catch up on. The trip to Vietnam, the temples of Cambodia, the drunken Vietnamese security guard that pulled me around by my man-purse--yes these are stories that beckon telling, but, to tell the truth, there is another. I must admit it. I've been milling around and consorting with this site. Yes, she is terribly high maintenance, nonsensical, clumsy, and does the opposite of what I tell her. Yes, you blog are the more reasonable of the two sites, but I have come to really love/hate the other site. I will--I promise-- I will come back to you blog, but right now I have to explore my options with this other site. I hope you understand.

Kat, you have nothing to worry about.

Translation: I'm trying to make a ****ing website for my masters capstone project and it's eating up way too much time. By the time it's finished it will probably look different than the posted pic. The title is sure to change; "ESL Teaching and Learning" c'mon, I need something much flashier. Suggestions?