Sunday, June 26, 2005

Outdoor bachelor party gone wrong (or right). Posted by Hello

Damn, I love snowbird. Posted by Hello

My one GQ photo. Posted by Hello

This is my boom stick! Posted by Hello

Jeff was Loaded for Halloween. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

Angry Emperor Eric Posted by Hello

Taking out the trash. ( I mean that in the best of ways Lucas) Posted by Hello

Sorry but the only caption that comes to mind is Drunken Basement Party. Posted by Hello

The must have fasion accessory or the spring- the Boonis scarf. Posted by Hello

So damn happy! Posted by Hello

Curious cat. Posted by Hello

Fisbee golf legends Posted by Hello

The drive to Flag. Posted by Hello

Sexy model for outdoor grilling. Posted by Hello

Boonis lookin sporty (or just resenting that his picture's being taken). Posted by Hello

stuck in a hole Posted by Hello

Christ-like rays Posted by Hello
Hey Ya'all, I'm new to this blogging thing so we'll see how it goes. I felt it was appropriate to start posting with some pictures of us camping: first blog/ first camping trip of the year. It's a bit of a stretch. Clint and I, we talking about camping and he declaired that he was deeply into fantasy, "Yeah, camping is great," when we realized that all we did was get drunk and freeze our asses off. Actually that's not all we did, we made friends with a rodent who had a great love of peanuts and beer. We immediately took to him. Our friendship with this rodent was foolish though. The next day Jeff's keys were MIA and I'm certain that damn squirell kiped the goods and took off. Had we not been sleeping next to the car (or attached to the car-see the pictures) I'm sure the little kleptomaniac would have taken the car too. Anyway- we dubbed him Cash Money.
Anywhoo-I'm going to post some of my favorite pics from the last year so those of you lucky enough to call yoursleves my far away friends and family can see what the last year or two has entailed. Enjoy!

The wild west, sort-of. Posted by Hello

Improvision Posted by Hello

You know those sunlit moments with wildlife in a clearing? Posted by Hello

The freeloader-Cash Money Posted by Hello

the life Posted by Hello

That fresh air does something, gives men strength! Posted by Hello

Regal Jeff- to the golf course! Posted by Hello

Regal Boonis Posted by Hello