Monday, January 23, 2006

I arrived in Korea yesterday and I just got back from forriging for food. While I thought I was going to get something exotic, I found the McDonalds and had the spicy chicken sandwhich for breakfast. That's as exotic as I get today. Sadly, I think Micky Ds and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other.

I had fun walking around the town though. Suji is the place that I'll call home for the next year. It's outside of Bundang, which is outside of Seoul, so calling this place a town really isn't appropriate. It's a big, loud, busy city but it has many of the aminities of home, such as the aforementioned McDonald's and the 7-11 across the street, though the seven has products I can't recognize. I think I bought a packet of cookies and some crackers but I can't be sure.
I'm going to meet with the school I'll be working for later on today.

Yesterday, there were some firsts. I saw Greg Ostertag (Jazz center) for the first time. I sat next to him and we shot the breeze. Actually I followed him in the SLC airport until I made sure it was him and then turn around and walked back to my gate. Oooh! excting! The most exciting event was in Japan when I saw a man attempt to walk on to the moving walkway that was moving in opposite direction. "Attempting" is the appropriate word here because he was oblivious to the action he was about to perform. He was looking up, not noticing where he was going, and I was going to warn him, but I was curious (and I'm not proud of this) what would actually happen when he stepped on to the thing. There was no eight seconds for this guy. The walkway bucked him off immediately. All he suffered was wounded pride, and I learned vicariously not to assume the correct walkway will always be on the left.


theorris said...

Tag! I am going to mention your encounter on OSTERBLOG: The authority in all things Oster.

Glad you made it there fine.

Boonis said...

Ah, those moving walkways; silent killers. By the way, Tag is 'indefinantly suspended'. I guess him and Sloan had a tiff after an ass-whooping by 20 points.

Hope all's well. I took your bed and maybe your room.