Sunday, December 13, 2009

Normeat Anyone?

Normeat Anyone
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Some "food' out there is spectacularly scary. "Normeat" is downright terrifying--if not for its ingredients, then at least its size. Who buys these things besides apocalypse awaiting basement dwellers or the US army.

I'm a little bit curious who came up the name "Normeat" as well. I can only imagine the discussion between the company execs and the marketing people:
"How can we make this food byproduct seems less intimidating and more, well, you know...normal?"
"How about naming it Normeat. Normal + Meat."
"Why not? It worked for Spam."

(I'm assuming that Spam is Special + Ham)


theorris said...

Ham with pork? Ham with pork? What, pray tell is Ham if not pork?

karmaking said...

so processed it's redundant.

Robin Hudson said...

It's not food, nor is it meat.