Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter Camp Kids

Winter Camp Kids
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Awhile ago I wrote a bitchy post about how I had to teach at this winter camp. We (the foreign teachers) were told it was voluntary and then we were forced to sign up for it. We were told we would have breaks and then watched as they were slowly taken away. We were told we could choose our subject matter, then I was informed I had to teach math. I was skeptical when I started the thing, but, and it pains me to say this, everything turned out okay.

The kids were great. They were pretty high level English speakers and surprisingly anxious to learn. My co-teacher was awesome and she set up the math unit all by herself. We also got to teach outdoor sports and despite being the middle of January that worked out as well. We taught the kids hockey and American football and only one kid got wanged in the face with a hockey stick and had to go to hospital. That's pretty good for us. Another one of our children walked face first into a razor wire fence and had to get stitches, but that's another story. Overall the whole thing worked very well, despite my attempts to hate it.

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