Saturday, December 15, 2012

Inattentive Father and Offspring

School Picture of the Problem Child
I've been an inattentive father to this blog. Part of the problem is I have too many children. There's this beauty, SP Gachon. Also this little site, W2 Gachon. How about this doosey, Active ESL Blog. But the real problem child is this site, Active ESL. This is a continuation of my capstone project for my masters. I can't decide if I'm proud or disappointed by it-- just like a real problem child. Granted, all of the above are related in some way to my profession (SP Gachon really gets humming during the semester with embedded Google forms for students to enter journal writing and such). Yes, it's pretty exciting; however, this blog is the one that really chronicles the important moments of my life, of which there have been many, and which I have been negligent in writing. A hope, a wish, a resolution-- a bit more chronicling.

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