Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gavin Speaks (or tries to)

Many people speak of this magical time-- when you first see your baby, or bring your baby home-- that your heart melts and you understand your reason for existence; to take care of this small creature, this extension of you that depends completely on you...or maybe you just stare at each other and mutually wonder: "Who the hell is this person?" Gavin and I were a bit of both worlds.

But that's the first month, and by the second, rays of personality start to burst forth. Things like smiles and sounds. The first month, well that's a bit like a strange dream that you keep trying to divine meaning from. The second month, that's a bit more like a flying dream, one where you don't analyze it so much but just enjoy it for its beauty and pure experience.

However, there is one constant that keeps us grounded. Diapers, there will always be dirty diapers.

(When watching the video, see if you can discern Gavin's squeals from mine. Like father, like son.)

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