Sunday, October 09, 2011

Badger's Wanted Picture

Badger's Wanted Picture
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Here's a new addition to the family: Honey Badger. Yes, we know; it's a weird name for such a sweet kitty. We found her while taking and evening stroll. This cat saw us, pegged us for a couple of suckers, and ran up to us mewing. Kat, who true to her name cannot say no to a cat, immediately picked her up and took her inside. This kitten seemed way too nice and we figured she must have an owner. Therefore, we made up the pictured flyers. We actually did find the owner, but she was a young girl who traveled a lot and underestimated the amount of time and care that a kitten needs. She seemed relieved to find some other suckers, I mean owners, who could take the kitten off of her hands. So there, now Badger is part of the family.
By the way, if you're curious where we got the name from, go to Youtube, search under "Honey Badger" and watch the video with the highest view count. Warning, the video can be a little a crass, just like our cat.

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