Sunday, July 03, 2011


Remember way back to, oh, 2007, when giant iPods Roamed the earth and blogs were all the thing. Nowadays, how is the lowly blog  supposed to compete with the juggernaut that is Facebook or the speed of the quipy tweets on Twitter? You may say, "No, the blog is not dead!" but I have some specimens of bloggus extinctus for your perusal:

Yes, Kat is Alive (are we sure?)
Late JC (The name fits.)
Mowin Owen

T'is to be understood. I let "Things I Learned Today" fall into a vegetative, comma like state (apparently I'm not learning much anymore). I should be kind and pull the plug, but I can't.

Yes, its sad to watch good blogs die, but that's part of the process; the process of birth, death, followed by the enviable joining of Facebook. At least there are still some absolutes.


Kat-tron! said...

yeppers.. Kat does not keep the blog anymore. When her reader-ship stayed at 2 people she decided it was easier to just call people...

karmaking1111 said...

Or yell to that one reader that's usually on the couch playing video games. Still, you're an awesome writer and hope you keep the blog going.