Wednesday, July 08, 2009

You Know You Want to Hire This

So Kat and I gave Korea an ultimatum; give us cushy university jobs or we are out of here. Surprisingly, Korea offered us cushy uni jobs.

There more to it than that. We sent out a bunch of resume packets, blindly, to different schools. None of them replied so we decided we'd come back to the states. No sooner did I notify everyone back home that my sojourn was over, and that I was home bound, than a university contacted us.

Here I am pictured, pre-interview. I went in there and gave them a little bit of "Wall Street financeer" mixed with "used -car salesman." I used all the key phrases that employers like to hear, "think out-side of the box, forward-thinking, go-getter, 110%, never say die, and how much vacation do you offer?". It must of worked because somehow Kat and I got the jobs. (I actually think she carried us and we said we were a package. If you take one, you have to take both.)

So the new job starts in Sept. Now we'll be teaching adults. It's a welcome change. I actually like teaching kids, but they can be a bit trying at times. When I taught kindergarteners, they would be so happy to see me. They would run up and give me hugs. Unfortunately the kids were about crotch height, so they'd charge forward and get me right in the groin with their tiny hammer-like fists. Hopefully I won't have to deal with this with college students.

There was that third grade class where Jae-won puked all over the back of Suzy. Hopefully college kids won't do that.

There was another time when a sixth grader tackled his friend in the hall, stripped him of his shoes and threw them out of the fifth floor window. It was cruel and inappropriate and so damn funny. I had to turn my back so they didn't see me laugh. I imagine that college students don't do stuff like that (at least not in the school).

No more English points, or homework coupons, or timeouts, or draw the monster, superhero application forms. Now I have to teach idioms, and conditional past tense, and bore the hell out of adults. Yup, its going to be a whole new ball game, but I shouldn't get too emotionally worked up. I still have another month with the kids here. Something tells me that when the time comes to leave, I'll be a little sad but I probably won't look back for too long.

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