Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Aliens that Live Among Us

The thing I like about this warm weather is I get to take all my icky bug pictures again. In this manner I think I'm still a little boy. Instead of capturing bugs and sealing them in food jars (where they always met a slow lingering death, the lone stick I placed in their enclosure not enough to sustain them), I now capture insects with my super macro filter--a close-up lens for you who aren't photo savvy.

I didn't really think that this bug photo fetish of mine was a particularly male thing, until I was showing some of my prized photos to the Korean teachers awhile back (namely the mosquito photos if anyone remembers those). I was super proud and excited to display what I arrogantly called 'my work' when one of the teachers said "Eww, those are guy photos." She didn't say eww in a good way and I was crushed. I mean c'mon, surely bugs cross the gender barrier. Girls like swarms of things right? Oh well, I guess I'll be a boy, still capturing bugs until the day I die.

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