Friday, January 09, 2009

Zest Air

Zest Air
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"Zest Air-- Asia's most refreshing airline" Ah yes, nothing beats that cold wave of panic that hits you when Zest Air announces that they will no longer be flying on Fridays causing you to miss your connecting flight.

I have this piece of advice for travelers in Palawan, pack your patience. True, everything was beautiful and chill, but perhaps, it was a little too chill. We arranged for a shuttle van to take us the five hours south to the airport two days in advance. When we arrived at 7 in the morning we were informed that the shuttle was full and they could not honor our reservation. This was very reminiscent of that Seinfeld episode (see below). We then hired a private van which cost us three times as much and made it to the airport four hours in advance of our flight.

One would think that four hours would be enough to make a flight, but in our case this proved naught. Kat went to the Zest Air counter at three different times to see when we could check in. All the airport personal told us to wait and the Zest Air representative would be there shortly. An hour and half before our flight was scheduled to take off, someone finally approached us, asked what airline we were flying on (we were the only ones in the airport), we said Zest, then they laughed and told us all flights were canceled. They pointed to a half-taped piece of paper on the far wall that stated "Only fly Thursday, Saturday, Sunday until December 25th." Seeing as how this was January 2nd, we figured this did not apply any more. We were wrong. Refreshing indeed. I only have this to say about Zest Air and everyone at the El Nido airport (fill in the words as you see fit):

**** you, you ***-**** mother ******* pieces of ****. Do your ****-**** mother ****** job and take that ******* of ****** out of your ****** you ***** ****** ******* ****** infested ****** ****** hole ****** of ****** ******* that ******* ******* ****** eater ****** ****** donkey *******!!!

You get the picture. Eventually Zest coughed up the dough to get us on another flight (after initially telling us there was nothing that could be done), and we barely made our connecting flight the next day. Sometimes travel cures the travel bug in a stiff remedy.

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