Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Taming of the Mechanical Korean Bull

This pic was taken this summer by Jason. We found a carnival along the beach in Bundang. I don't want to dis on the Korean cowboys, but they weren't doing to well. They would hop on the bull, get real stiff, lock their arms and legs, and fall off on the first buck. One guy was so drunk that I don't believe they even started the bull; he just fell off. I decided to show everybody what was up and put on a show. Actually I think I was just mediocre, but compared to the competition, I shined.


Sarah Schmidt Behuniak said...

I'll vouch for your rocked the plastic mechanical bull in the blow-up ring! The Koreans were put to shame by a real Wyoming cowboy.

karmaking said...

You vouched for my ridership alright "you rocked the plastic mechanical bull in the blow-up ring". Still, so much fun. I did screw up though, this was in Busan, not Bundang.