Friday, January 09, 2009

Misty Looks on as Minos Practices Counting

Pictured is Misty and our dive instructor Minos. All the girls were in love with this French dude and dubbed him McSalty (ala Grey's Anatomy). I just like the guy because he kept me alive underwater.

On a side note, on my second day of dives, I saw a Yellow Haired Ukrainian Idiot. I went diving with a bunch of internationals and this Ukrainian dingus dove to forty meters. After 30 meters bad things can happen (nitrogen narcosis, the bends, death). A dive master went down and made the guy come back up. The dude was almost out of air when he surfaced. I thought divers were a pretty respectable group with all the training that goes into it and what not, but I guess this doesn't apply to all divers.

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