Thursday, November 06, 2008

Smoking Baby
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Smoking Baby

Ever see that Cheech and Chong where Cheech has "burning baby" all over him? It's much funnier than this mock-up for a series of videos that try and lower female smoking rates. The one thing that gets me about this display is female smoking rates in Korea are some of the lowest of any developed nation. Probably because any female that smokes is heavily looked down upon. Nevermind the fact that forty percent of the male population in Korea lights up everywhere. I'm not encouraging women to smoke. It just seems that the person who came up with idea for this horrific cartoon is reinforcing the negative stereotype of women smokers, an already easy target. If he wants a challenge, he should have gone after the males.


Sarah Schmidt Behuniak said...

I'd think there would be more important things to feel sad about than a pair of shoes going to waste.

sis said...

Honestly, where do you find these things?

karmaking1111 said...

Korea sis, Korea.