Friday, September 26, 2008


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So I've been really bad about this blogging thing lately. I used to be Johnny on the spot with posting random stuff that had happened. Now it takes me three days to write about something that I did two weeks ago. That's what happens as you get older--time just keeps expanding. Amazing.

Anywhoo-- the occasion that leads us to this picture, standing next to a marker in Chinese on a Korean mountaintop, is that wonderful Korean fall holiday--Chu-sok. It's the equivalent of Korean Thanksgiving and for each of my three Chu-Soks here I've gone camping and hiking. This one was no different. My version of camping since I've come to Korea has been greatly modified, so cramming in a small hotel room with Fritz, Jason and Sarah will count as camping this time. Sarah has actually documented enduring a small hotel room with three guys better than I can: Here and Now. It was fruitful and joyous time. It's nice to know, being so far from home, that Thanksgiving/Chu-suk is universal. Happy Chu-sok everyone.

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Scott said...

It's sad, Canada forgot all about Chu-Seok this year...