Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blood Sucking Fiend 2

Blood Sucking Fiend 2
Originally uploaded by karmking1111.
One night in our hotel room, we got torn apart by these suckers. In the morning it was my turn to extract vengeance. I slapped this one down, took it's picture, and then squished the bastard when it got vicious. See the red belly? That's my blood in there. I want it back. Let this be a warning to all mosquitoes.

(Bonus points if you can figure out what the bug is standing on.)


Allison E. said...

Your foot or your hand?? This is an awesome pic! We're missing our hiking buddies, it's hard to get people going and there's so much hiking to be done!

karmaking said...

On my thumbnail! (Hand counts.) Yeah, we miss you guys lots. I hope the great white north is treating you guys well.