Saturday, February 02, 2008

Those Crazy Bastards Up North

Pictured is the stunning Ryugyong Hotel. I had heard about this place, the world's largest hotel in beautiful Pyongyang. Forget the fact that Pyongyang has next to no visitors, Kim Il-Sung and his son the successor still want to have that claim to fame; the world's largest hotel. Now if they want the title, the world's largest hotel with actual guests they'll have to work a bit harder because the hotel has never had a single guest. The building itself is structurally unsound (just look at the thing) and North Korea doesn't have the money to add little extravagances like windows and elevators. It was slated to be completed in 1989 and almost twenty years later the spirit prison has yet to be finished. When North Korea releases pictures of Pyeongyang they routinely photoshop out this monstrous eye-sore. This thing is proof that often the truth is stranger than fiction. I don't support the Kim Il-Jung regime but you have to admit they provide some entertainment. to read more check out The Worst Building in the History of Mankind by Esquire magazine.

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theorris said...

Wow, the world's most pointless point. It looks like a Star Trek thing. Does it really have no elevators?

Anyway, you totally missed Goundhog Day on flickr.