Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Wish List

Thursday was my birthday and while we didn't go crazy, Thursday night was not tame either. We went out for kom-ja-tong, an oriental beef stew and peppered the night with shots of Ooh-ship-se-joo. Some people like to be quiet about their birthdays and celebrate them with some dignity. Not me. I'm the one standing on the bar stool yelling, "It's my Dirthbay. Shy me bots!"

Tomorrow night there's plans for going to the baseball game or going bowling. Either will suffice. Everyone at the school has been great. I got cakes, bottles of wine and beer. Still there's some things left on my birthday wish list:

1. A ten pound bag of Spits sunflower seeds. That ought to last me a week.

2. Another post by Dave on his brand new blog (

3. The ability of my sister to get her own Skype account.

4. An automatic essay grader.

5. The ability to speak a comprehensible Korean phrase.

6. Unification of the two Koreas please. On South Korean terms.

7. 30 Totinos oven bake pizzas, oh, and an oven.

8. Some adventurous outdoor recreation and none of that freezing ass scuba diving stuff.

9. A solution to pollution.

10. The love of friends and family. (Awww!)

The following is some of my favorite pics over the years. Enjoy all. Bappy Hirthday to me!


theorris said...

Those Totinos have got to go. I will never consume one and I think I only ate 1 while you were at the Wilhelm. Sorry, dude, they are not anything to dream about. Get some cardboard and some fake chese and you have them.

Catinlap said...

I think the "would you like to come back to my place?" phrase is under-used. try that one.

too cool for you said...

GLad to see that your family values are in order w/cat as head of household. You are now destined for happinesss.

someone needs to post jeffmn's cat family photo