Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Good Traditional Flogging

We went to the folk village last weekend and got a good dose of Korean culture. The folk village is kind of like an old school Korean Disneyland, except without the rides and the lines. So maybe it isn't like Disneyland.

We wandered around and saw how people used to live their lives: how the grew crops, what their houses looked like, how they tortured people. A funny thing about myself, show me a traditional Korean wedding and I'm mildly interested; show me how people were jailed, tortured and killed and I'm enthralled. I like to think I'm a peaceful person, but it's the seedier and darker side of culture that I find fascinating. Do I want bad things to happen to people? Absolutely not. Will I read about it if it does? Absolutely. I think I'm 1/2 pacifist, 1/2 masochists.


theorris said...

No way, man. It is no masochistic to be interested in the fucked up past.

wendy said...

sounds like your getting all of your korean culture in......I still miss Korea...I would like a little bit of the peanut buttered squid please...can you put some live octopus on top of it too.....take care and keep in touch...Wendy