Thursday, June 01, 2006

Change is in the air. I guess that's a cliche best reserved for fall, but change doesn't really care what season it is.

Co-teachers Amanda and Jerry are leaving at the end of the week and are taking off to other climes and countries. We're having the farewell BBQ on Saturday on the rooftop. Items haven't been specified as to what each person should bring, but I'm putting myself in charge of bringing a butt-load of fireworks.

We will also be giving a farewell toast to a person that won't be there, Seoul Sister Sarah. She took the Midnight Express home meaning she jumped ship and flew out of Korea. (That's a phrase that only native English speakers should be able to decipher.) It came as a shock to me, and she will be greatly missed. I'm not quite sure of the rhyme or the reason to the flight home but it is always hard to judge another person's happiness.

This has me questioning, what are the reasons that people come here? What is their desire? I would offer up my own reasons, but then I'm not quite sure what those are either. I fluctuate between believing that I came here out of a sense of adventure and a love of confusing children with a foreign language. When I'm a little more honest I admit that life was a tedious and dull being unemployed in the states. I came here looking for ? and I believe that I have found? as previous pages in the blog tell.

The funny thing about change is it can be difficult to deal with, but there's a certain part of me that craves it. I could be in the middle of a car crash, and while there would be initial terror, a part of me would be saying, "Thank God, something new is happening!" I think leads to sporadic bouts of packing up things and going to places where I don't speak the language. If you can't change yourself, change the environment. This is slightly more healthy than getting into intentional car crashes.

Anywhoo- I pilfered some pictures from Sarah before she left. They are posted for your enjoyment. Best of luck Sarah and remember, we'll always have kimchi.


Catinlap said...

Damn, I was thinking a car crash might be fun since The 'Birds' closed. No, No, I take that back! Knock on wood. I think we have one or two more weeks untill the 'Tude opens up for disc golf. That's kind-of changing my environment, right?... Weak.

Anonymous said...

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