Sunday, March 12, 2006

Holy Blogaliscious Blog of Blogging. Two blog entries in one day. Just after I completed the first post Scott, another waygook teacher, invited me to go to a Provincial Park outside of Seoul. Despite the fact that it was absolutely freezing ass outside, I decided to go. The group included Alison (Scott's girlfriend), Scott (Alison's boyfriend) Sarah (another waygook teacher) and myself. The park was really cool. We saw a few temples, climbed some stairs, stared at some statues and walk along a wall. Okay, put like that it doesn't sound to tremendously exciting, but it was nice to get out and see something different. The views of Seoul were amazing. Despite freezing our asses off and sacrificing Sarah's camera to one of the Buddhas (it was dropped on the trail), it was a good day.

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theorris said...

More camera loss? Oy.